Zentrol® Chewable Tablets

Zentrol® Chewable Tablets

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    Chewable Tablets
    3.5 g/ 60 ct. bottle

Zentrol® Chewable Tablets Are For Dogs Exhibiting Stress-Related Behaviors.

Zentrol® Chewable Tablets

Zentrol Chewable Tablets are for dogs exhibiting stress-related behaviors. The tablets are composed of novel natural ingredients, Souroubea spp, containing betulinic acid, and Platanus spp.

How are Zentrol Chewable Tablets Different?

In vivo and in vitro studies have shown interaction with the GABA-BZD receptor and have been shown to reduce stress-related behaviors, including those caused by noise phobias.

Shown to help reduce stress-related behaviors in as little as 60 minutes. A preliminary 29-day toxicology study and a 28-day safety trial demonstrated no untoward effects on the health of dogs when administered up to 10 times the intended dose.

To be used by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.
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Detailed Overview

Dosage and Administration

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