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KBroVet®-CA1 Receives Conditional FDA Approval

Apr 29, 2021 | News & Updates

The US Food and Drug Administration has granted KBroVet®-CA1 (potassium bromide chewable tablets) conditional approval for veterinary use in the management of seizures in dogs with idiopathic epilepsy.

PRN® Pharmacal developed KBroVet-CA1 to provide a consistent and reliable source of potassium bromide for veterinary patients. Veterinary use of potassium bromide to control seizure disorders in dogs is not uncommon, but PRN Pharmacal is the first organization to apply for approval of a formulation for canine patients. Conditional approval from the FDA means KBroVet-CA1 has demonstrated to be safe and that there is a reasonable expectation of effectiveness when used under the conditions of use described in the labeling.

Available by prescription only and administered orally daily, KBroVet-CA1 is a liver-flavored, chewable tablet. This convenient once-a-day dosing and palatable liver flavor may improve compliance, helping add another layer of confidence for veterinarians and peace of mind for dog owners.

For more information on KBroVet-CA1, idiopathic epilepsy, and the FDA approval process, visit KBroVet.com.