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PRN® Pharmacal Redesigns Nutritional Supplement Labels

Jul 7, 2022 | News & Updates

PRN® Pharmacal has updated the product labels on their line of veterinary nutritional supplements. The new labels are designed to make information more clear and concise for both the veterinarian and the pet owner.

Products with updated labels include:

  • STAT® High Calorie Nutritional Supplement
    Vanilla-flavored dietary supplement providing additional nutrition to animals that may be under stress
  • Liqui-Tinic® 4X Iron/Vitamin Nutritional Supplement
    Liquid, liver-flavored nutritional supplement for oral use in livestock and companion animals that supplies iron and B-complex vitamins in support of overall health and well-being
  • Calsorb™ Calcium Nutritional Supplement
    Gel-based oral nutritional supplement that maintains healthy calcium levels through a simple-to-administer, clear dosing syringe
  • OPTIMA 365™ Essential Fatty Acids Nutritional Supplement
    An optimally balanced combination of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 essential and non-essential fatty acids, plus vitamins and minerals to support overall pet health of dogs and cats

In addition to making label information more readily available and understood, labels now have a consistent look across the product line, making them more easily identified as a family of nutritional solutions.

The PRN Pharmacal nutritional supplement line of products includes those that are recommended for recovery or for maintenance/proactive administration, based on the veterinarian’s recommendation.

About PRN Pharmacal

PRN Pharmacal, an employee-owned company, has been dedicated to developing specialized therapeutics that address the unmet, underserved, and overlooked needs of the veterinary medicine community since 1978. Our commitment: quality solutions – as needed, when needed. To learn more about PRN Pharmacal products, visit PRNPharmacal.com or call 1-800-874-9764.