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November, 2014
PRN® Pharmacal Introduces PetVisionPro®
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June, 2014
PRN® Pharmacal Introduces CAMEO™ Otic
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April, 2014
PRN® Pharmacal Launches Canine Urinary Health Website
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February, 2013
PRN® Pharmacal Introduces Collasate® Silver Gel.
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December, 2012
PRN® Pharmacal Introduces New Disaster Relief Program for Vet Practices Following Hurricane Sandy Destruction.
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September, 2012
New Vetadryl™ is the first diphenhydramine product formulated for cats and dogs.
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August, 2012
Pegasus Laboratories Announces New FDA-Approved Product PRN® ReBalance®
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August, 2011
Proin Receives FDA Approval
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January, 2011
New Cranberry Nutritional Supplement Supports Urniary Tract Health
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