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Rapidly-absorbing 170 mg calcium supplement in a gel base. For oral use only.
Sizes: 12 mL  |  12/case


Just one weekly dose kills more than 99% of susceptible strains of yeast and bacteria, including pseudomonas, to help control recurring otitis externa.
Sizes: 2.5 g  |  8/case


Potassium citrate tablet for dogs and cats.
Sizes: 60 Tablets

Collasate® Gel

Postoperative dressing is a medical hydrolysate of Type I Collagen in gel form, safe for most animals, including zoo species and exotic pets.
Sizes: 7 g  |  6/case

Collasate® Silver

The first and only wound healing product for pets to combine collagen and silver oxide, an effective alternative to non-invasive wound care programs.
Sizes: 7 g  |  6/case

Collasate® Spray

Collasate is now available in a spray with Bitrex® to discourage licking and biting of wounds. Dries quickly; delivers collagen to wound site with less mess and no manual contact with wound.
Sizes: 1 oz.  |  12/case

Con-Form Aid™ Granules

Nutritional supplement for when growth conformation problems are a concern.
Sizes: 25 lb


Roast Beef Flavored Soft Chew Coprophagia Deterrent for Dogs.
Sizes: 5 blister packs to a strip, 4 strips per box.


A Chewable Nutritional Supplement to Support Urinary Tract Health.
Sizes: 60 Tablets


Absorbent anti-diarrheal demulcent in a suspension, tablet and bolus.
Tablet: 1.5 g; 500 count  |  12/case
Bolus: 15.2 g; 50 count  |  12/case
Suspension: 4 oz.   |  12/case  &  1 gal.  |  4/case

Feline Pet-Ema™

Enema sized specifically for cats.
Sizes: 6 mL   |  12/case

GastroMate® Canine IgY Plus Gel

State-of-the-art digestive support for non-specific diarrhea in puppies and dogs. Exclusive formula contains egg product characterized by the content of yolk antibodies (IgY Immuno globulin).
Sizes: 15 cc dial-a-dose  |  12/case


Topical anesthetic/antiseptic spray with Bitrex®.
Sizes: 4 oz. spray  |  12/case

High Potency CMPK Drench Plus

Liquid oral supplement plus propylene glycol for cattle.
Sizes: 1 gal.  |  4/case

I.O. Dine™ Complex Bolus

Iodine bolus with buffered urea base.
Sizes: 250 mg; 50 count  |  12/case

K-BroVet® Chewable Tablets & Oral Solutions

Canine Formula Potassium Bromide with B Vitamins.
2 oz. |  20/case
10 oz. |  12/case
250 - 60 Count |  12/case
500 - 60 Count |  12/case

Liqui-Tinic™ 4X

Flavored concentrated nutritional drops, appropriate for most animals.
2 oz. with dropper   |  12/case
1 gal.   |  4/case

Magna Gel™

Magnesium chloride and calcium chloride in a gel base.
Sizes: 300 mL  |  12/case


Unit dosed enemas for dogs and cats.
Sizes: 12 mL  |  12/case


A patented formulation of amino acids and antioxidants in a preserved sterile solution that works to dissolve glycated proteins.
Sizes: 8mL 2 Tubes

PRN Hi-Energy Supplement®

Nutritional supplement with propylene glycol for large animals.
Sizes: 300 mL  |  12/case

PRN High Potency Calcium Gel®

Calcium chloride in a gel base supplement for cattle.
Sizes: 300 mL  |  12/case

Proin® (phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride)

Chewable tablets for the control of urinary incontinence due to urethral sphincter hypotonus in dogs. NADA#141-324
Tablets: 25, 50 and 75 mg flavored chewable tablets; 60 count  |  12/case
25, 50 and 75 mg flavored chewable tablets; 180 count  |  12/case


All-natural combination of plant derived digestive enzymes in a palatable powder form.
Sizes: 85g, 200g, 454g (1 lb.)  |  12/case

ReBalance® (Sulfadiazine/Pyrimethamine Oral Suspension)

An oral solution for horses with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) cause by Sarcocystis neurona. NADA# 141-240
Sizes: 946.4ml (one quart)  |  12/case

Slow Release CMPK Bolus

Calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium supplement with Vitamins E and D3.
Sizes: 25 g; 50 count  |  12/case


Concentrated high-calorie liquid diet and dietary supplement.
Sizes: 16 oz.  |  12/case


Flavored diphenhydramine HCl tablet for dogs and cats.
Sizes: 10 and 30 mg Flavored tablets available in 250 ct   |  12/case