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    Neurology and Behavior
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    Canine, Feline
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    (20 ct.) 3 g soft chews

If Your Pet Eats Feces…CoproBan® Can Help.


CoproBan® is a roast beef flavored coprophagia deterrent conveniently packaged in a 3-gram soft chewable tablet.

CoproBan can be fed to the animal whose feces is being consumed, including cats – when dogs are raiding the litter box. Its unique formulation of monosodium glutamate (MSG), a well-recognized coprophagia deterrent, and Cellulase, which assists in the breakdown of fiber, changes the texture of the stool and renders it tasteless.

To be used by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.
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Detailed Overview


A convenient, easy to use, roast beef favored soft chew used to deter coprophagia. CoproBan® may be fed to cats to discourage dogs from raiding the litter box.

Dosage and Administration

Dosage guidelines can be viewed on the product label and/or product literature. Dosing directions provided are for guidance only. All PRN® Pharmacal products should be administered under the care and supervision of a veterinary professional to ensure the best possible results.


For oral use only. May cause loose stool. Use under veterinary supervision.


Monosodium Glutamate, partially hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Natural and Artificial flavors, Cellulase from dried Aspergillus niger fermentation product, Soy Lecithin, Salt.



Q: Can CoproBan be given to cats?

A: Yes, CoproBan is recommended to give to cats to discourage dogs from raiding the litter box.

Q: How long do you need to keep the dog or cat on CoproBan?

A: 20 days or until bad behavior stops.

Q: How old does the dog need to be to take CoproBan?

A: At least 12 weeks old.

Q: Are there any studies to support that CoproBan works?

A: PRN® Pharmacal randomly selected veterinary clinics in the Kansas City, MO area to review the product and provide feedback to our product development team. In the dogs that were given CoproBan, most of them ate it without a problem and they did not return to eating stool.

Q: What is the flavor in CoproBan?

A: CoproBan is a roast beef flavored soft chew. CoproBan contains MSG which is widely used to discourage stool eating.

Q: How often do you give CoproBan?

A: CoproBan should be given with every meal. It needs to pass through the digestive system and mix with the waste to render the stool undesirable.

Q: What is the suggested serving for small dogs (4 lbs.)?

A: Cut the CoproBan in half and then cut the half into 4 pieces. Give one piece with each meal. Make sure the dog has access to plenty of water.

Q: What is Aspergillus niger and what is in the product that makes the stool undesirable?

A: Aspergillus niger is the source of the enzyme for cellulose digestion. Cellulase is responsible for breaking down fiber in food. When the fiber is broken down, this changes the texture of the stool. Because of the texture change, this makes the stool less desirable.