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Polymend® MT

Braided Mid-Term Absorbable Suture


• General wound closure
• Subcuticular closure
• Abdominal muscle and fascia
• Orthopedic surgery
• Soft tissue including muscle, intestine, hernia, uterus, liver, bladder and ligatures

Item #Product NamePresentation
100510826Polymend® MT B-J421-1 (5-0) DS19 (3/8 RC) 27”12 x 1 box
100510853Polymend® MT B-J397-1 (4-0) DS19 (3/8 RC) 27”12 x 1 box
100510854Polymend® MT B-J398-1 (3-0) DS19 (3/8 RC) 27”12 x 1 box
100510858Polymend® MT B-J452-1 (3-0) DS24 (3/8 RC) 27”12 x 1 box
100510859Polymend® MT B-J453-1 (2-0) DS24 (3/8 RC) 27”12 x 1 box
100510855Polymend® MT B-J466-1 (2-0) HS37s (1/2 RC) 27”12 x 1 box
100510856Polymend® MT B-J467-1 (0) HS37s (1/2 RC) 27”12 x 1 box
100510857Polymend® MT B-J474-1 (1) HS37s (1/2 RC) 27”12 x 1 box
100510829Polymend® MT B-J303-1 (5-0) HR17 (1/2 TP) 27”12 x 1 box
100510827Polymend® MT B-J315-1 (4-0) HR26 (1/2 TP) 27”12 x 1 box
100510828Polymend® MT B-J316-1 (3-0) HR26 (1/2 TP) 27”12 x 1 box
100523629Polymend® MT B-317-1 (2-0) HR26 (1/2 TP) 27”12 x 1 box
100510850Polymend® MT B-J332-1 (3-0) HR26s (1/2 TP) 27”12 x 1 box
100510851Polymend® MT B-J333-1 (2-0) HR26s (1/2 TP) 27”12 x 1 box
100510852Polymend® MT B-J340-1 (0) HR37s (1/2 TP) 27”12 x 1 box



With over 20 years in the U.S. veterinary market and building on the tradition of the 100-year B. Braun legacy, VPL sutures provide cost savings over other manufacturers without compromising quality or clinical performance. With unparalleled needle sharpness and monofilament options for all indications VPL sutures provide smooth passage through tissue improving would healing times and post-surgical comfort.

Polymend® MT is a violet, braided mid-term, synthetic absorbable suture that provides easy handling and excellent knot security providing wound support for 21 days and offering complete mass absorption in 56-70 days (0% initial tensile strength after 35 days).


Absorbable synthetic suture comprised of PGLA (Polyglactin 910).


Sterility guaranteed unless package opened, wet or damaged. Discard any open, wet or damaged package. Do not expose to temperatures above 40°C (104°F). Do not re-sterilize.


Contains sharp objects.

Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.

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